Sea Urchin


Encaustic paint, photo on stone, with coral found on Pond Island in Maine

About 2″ x 3 1/2″

I wanted to see how a photograph would do on stone. I love working on the stone in encaustic. Unlike other substrates, the stone really absorbs the heat and stays hot for quite awhile. Because of that, you get a little more time with the paint. The wax stayed nice and hot…but not liquid while I placed the bits of coral around the image. I will try some more of these. The big problem, just like any substrate that you are adding photos to, is the air pocket issue. I like the idea of incorporating found objects.

Big Dog


My Big Dog

Photo manipulated in photoshop

Substrate: old book cover

Materials: encaustic paint, casein

Size: about 5″ x 7″

This is a photo of my dog “Big”. He was sitting in the snow waiting for something…probably a treat! Big provides lots of inspiration, as he is very photogenic. 



Iris: Encaustic on Stone

Approximate size is 3″ x 4 1/2″

Materials: Casein, colored pencil, encaustic

This piece was inspired by a photograph that I took a couple years ago. I have very few Iris in my garden, I think I might be down to one that actually blooms! I love them though, in all their different blooming stages.


Hosta on Stone
Hosta: Encaustic on Stone

Size is approximately 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2 ”

Substrate is stone found along the beach in Stockton Springs, Maine

Materials: Casein and colored pencil, encaustic

Image is inspired by a photograph that I took of a Hosta plant blooming outside of a motel in NewHampshire. It was raining and overcast that day, and the motel wasn’t the greatest. But, the flowers were beautiful.