No. 2 Calla Lily


Watercolor and graphite: 4″ x 6″

Much happier with the watercolor and graphite medium. I think the pastels are going to have to go into the bottom of the tool box for now. I am working with controlling the watercolor under the graphite…while still allowing the watercolor to do it’s own thing. Some areas were blocked out with rubber cement in order to maintain some white show through. This seems to work well…although hard to be too detailed with it…but that is probably a good thing for me. I am going to do two more watercolor grounds at the same time for the next two pieces. I like the idea of working on more than one at a time. I have one ground that is waiting for me…I just haven’t been inspired yet by the subject. I am really drawn to the shape and curve of the calla lily.

Pastel Iris

in progress

in progress










Pastel on paper: 4″ x 6″

I don’t think pastel is for me. I love works that other artists do, but I don’t know about this medium for me. I will keep trying…but after awhile I just get frustrated  with it. I think that I might need to break the piece down more simply, I try to get too detailed. That is one aspect of the watercolor and graphite that I like. The underpainting is just flowing color, but then I can get some detail in with the graphite. I may try to do some watercolor today without the graphite and see how that works out. And, I will consider trying the pastel with more blocks of color and less detail.



Watercolor underpainting and graphite, About 6″ x 6″.

I am working on the underpainting as just a guide and then drawing on top. In this case, I knew what I had in mind to draw. So, the color was chosen specifically for this subject. However, at some point the watercolor just does it’s thing and I am letting it. It makes for some unexpected happenings. My husband isn’t sure about it. I haven’t yet decided.

Calla Lily

completed Calla Lily

completed Calla Lily

Watercolor and graphite. About 5″ x 6″. I can’t do encaustic because my studio in the house isn’t well ventilated. So, I am stuck with traditional medium. I am trying to force a carefree feel to the pieces by doing a base of watercolor that is random and then choosing something to draw on top of it. I would prefer to use colored pencils, but I am away from the studio and all I have is watercolor and graphite. Oh, and pastels–but I am not interested in using those. Sometimes it is good to have limited options. I haven’t really worked with the watercolor…easy to get it muddy, so I am going to have to try a really light hand.