Day 18 & 19


Everyday is a learning opportunity! I am trying to stay small during the week so I can get the little painting done. These are 4″ x 6″. I am starting to have fun with these…so that’s a good thing!! Looking forward to tomorrow. It’s nice to do a little painting after work.


Day 16


The great thing about a challenge is the learning that goes along with it. While I am doing the #WorldWatercolorMonth challenge I am also taking on online watercolor class. The class has really helped me with understanding how to lay down color and working with wet on wet wash techniques. It looks a lot easier than it is! I have been missing my #sktchy projects, so decided to try a face in watercolor. In the end, I broke down and used a blue color pencil to finish it up. I am working on another watercolor for tomorrow and I am going to discipline myself not to add any pencil or ink. See you tomorrow.

World Watercolor Month


I have been away from my blog for longer than I thought! I am going to try and get back to some writing along with my art projects. I started the World Watercolor Challenge for July, I have missed a few days–but I’m not doing too bad. What I have discovered is watercolor is not easy. Painting in general is not really my comfort zone…so watercolor is super great challenge. It’s been a good learning experience to use watercolor every day (or close to everyday). #WorldWatercolorMonth