Day 17 & 18


I am behind in posting! And, I missed yesterday the 19th. On the 16th I painting in oil, but not super happy with the results. Oil painting is a learning process. I know that I will have many days that are just painting to learn…not to show! The Rabbit is a digital drawing…kind of a hybrid actually. I scanned the drawing that I had done on notebook paper and then drew on top of that in #Procreate. The Squirrel is a #sktchy photo that I did in my watercolor journal.

Hoping to get a little painting done today.


Missed Day 12


It was bound to happen, missed day 12–just too tired after work! For day 13 I had a head start as this piece was already half way done. So, I finished it up! Felt good to do some drawing at the end of the day. Hopeful to get something small done for day 14.


Day 11


It was a travel day for me, so no oil painting. Back to the day job this week, so might be tough to do oil painting. I decided to use the iPad and the Procreate app to do a reinterpretation sketch of the little fox. I think he is so sweet, I could draw him over and over again! #30paintingsin30days



Day 10: Smiling little fox. Not quite finished, that is the nice thing about oil paint, good the next day! I haven’t decided whether I should scrape into this one–I have been using an old oral surgery tool for details. I will sleep on it and see what think tomorrow. One thing I have discovered, the cuter the subject matter, the more joy it brings! Oil on canvas. 8″ x 10″ Fun with #30paintingsin30days

Day Nine


A painting started but not completed. I think that I am working too big (16″ x 20″) today. This challenge requires a smaller format in order to complete in one day. I am not unhappy with the start, and I don’t think it has too far to go. But, it is not finished. I am thinking I will start a small painting tomorrow and finish this one up.

Day 10 will be a milestone! Loving #30paintingsin30days so far.

Trigger Fish


Well, I am not sure about it, but Day 8 is done. #30paintingsin30days. A Picasso Trigger fish, oil on canvas panel, 8″ x 10″. We had trigger fish for supper the other night, super delicious. The type that they catch here in North Carolina and not quite so colorful! But, it inspired me for the painting today. 

I might have to revisit some of this later. But, there it is.

Little Owl


Day 7 of #30paintingsin30days. Not as much time to devote today. I let the ground on this dry too long. So, I have learned, if you are going to use this scratching technique with the oil paint, you need to start and almost finish in the same day. Otherwise the ground dries too quickly and you can’t get back down to the whiter surface. No problem, tomorrow is another day. I wasn’t too happy with this composition either, I really meant to get his little legs in there. Oil on 5″ x 7″ canvas panel.

Sweet fox


I love this guy! This one was really fun to work on. Oil paint on 8″ x 10″ canvas panel. I need to think of a good title for him. I feel like he may need a little more work, maybe tomorrow. #30paintingsin30days today was a good day.



Well, day 4 was a difficult one. Three wipe offs and nothing to show for it. A muddy mess for the most part. Learning to accept that there are going to be days when I don’t produce a painting…but at least I did make the attempt. So, the last time I wiped off, I just threw down the left over color for a ground and thought about what to do. In the end, I had this nice photo of my only iris, so decided on that for the subject. Things weren’t going too well today either, so in the end I took one of my husband’s old oral surgery tools and just drew on top of the entire thing. I felt like that saved it.

Tomorrow is another day! #30paintingsin30days.