June 16th


Seems I am on a dog kick. I was thinking it might be fun to start sketching dog breeds from around the world and have Chester the bird visit them where they live. We’ll see if that develops into something. #sktchy is a great reference spot!

I really love this guys gentle smile. What a sweetie. I am naming him Easy Beamer. #100dayproject.

June 10 to 15


I missed June 11th. It’s going to happen. I am going to try not to worry about a couple of missed days here and there. It’s such a good challenge though to try and do one everyday. I can tell that I always feel just a little better when I do a drawing–even a simple one.

Chester is a funny little bird, I think he is a good character companion!

I’ve signed up for the #sketchbookskool Whimsical Klass and that starts June 18–really looking forward to that! I think that the klass will help me with character development and ideas. #sktchy is also proving to be a great inspiration resource.



June 3-5


I have been keeping up, but unable to post due to traveling home from vacation. I am only showing June 3 and 4 because I am not really happy with June 5. I think that is okay…to do the character but just keep it hidden in my sketchbook if I don’t like it!

I have just a few more  hours to get a character done for today. #100dayproject.


June 2nd Day 2!


Quick character today as I am working on finishing up a painting. This is Tyke Crooner. He is singing away some sort of tune. Happy dog. #100dayproject

Ballpoint pen with watercolor drawn on super tiny watercolor paper. About 2″ x 3″.

June 1st


This is the first day of my #the100dayproject. Salty Topper the seagull in her derby hat. I’m at the beach, so today’s character is beach inspired. I love finding fancy hats to put on my character heads.

The one thing I am sorry about is the quality of this image…I am not at home, so don’t have access to a scanner. A regular photo will have to do. I want to make sure I document each day for the project.

I wonder what tomorrow will reveal.

The 100 Day Project


I have been working on drawing characters every day since February 17, 2018. My goal is to draw one character each day in a daily diary book. I have missed a few days. I recently ran across #the100dayproject on Facebook, and thought, maybe this will help keep me on track!

My hope is to draw a character a day through the entire year–but 100 days might make it feel a little more manageable. After the 100 days is over, I will review all the drawings and choose some fav’s to revise and develop into an illustrated story.


Some of these character drawings take an hour, some only 10 minutes. Most of them have names. They are a lot fun, and help me stay creative even when time is limited.

I’ll keep the blog posted. These are some of the characters I have done since I started in February.