Inktober is Over


I did a pretty good job keeping up, I missed a few days here and there but overall I feel pretty good about it. One thing I didn’t do was follow the prompts…for some reason this year I felt a little overwhelmed by the prompts. #sktchy proved a good inspiration source for #inktober this year.

Already looking forward to next year!

Oh, and it was super exciting to be one of the #sktchy picks! That was cool.


Still keeping up!


Day 15 and 16 of #inktober. Not spending loads of time on my drawings, but I feel good that I am getting in one a day! It’s a back to the day job day, so hoping to get one in after work today.

Really enjoyed drawing our friend John Gray’s dog Sunshine. She looks so sad looking up at us! I need to draw her with her happy face next. Below is from #sktchy with some nice orange ink.




I don’t know why but I love doing these faces…quickly! I spent the last two day’s in class for my day job, so not a lot of time for #inktober. This was super quick before bed. Simple. I like the shapes though, I think it would be fun to go back to my quick sketches and take a little more time refining the shapes. Thanks to #sktchy for the resource.

Losing Track!


I don’t know what day I have missed at this point, but yesterday I did two digital #inktober drawings. Using only ink tools (with the exception of dropping in a block of green color) in #Procreate. Because I was traveling I didn’t have access to my regular ink tools…so it’s super wonderful to always have my iPad to use.


Stuck on Faces


I can’t seem to get with the #inktober prompts! I am stuck on #sktchy faces. This is day 4, having fun doing these quick sketches after work. It’s hard to know whether to add color or just stick with the black ink. Maybe I will try some color later on in Procreate.

Day Three


Perfect timing for my #artsnacks supply delivery. Love this orange ink from Winsor & Newton. It goes onto regular sketch book paper nice and smooth! Great saturated color. I am going to have to look at more colors for this.

Nice #sktchy reference photo for today’s #inktober. Working on committing to the mark, putting the line down in ink and making it work. I haven’t been doing that for awhile, fun to try working without guidelines.

It’s Inktober


One of my favorite months! Love getting back to some ink. I decided not to follow the prompts unless it works out. #sktchy is doing #inktober so I am more inclined to work with the #sktchy photos for reference. Day one was sketching zinnia’s from my friend Renee Lammers garden (her husband Robert is in charge of the flowers). Day two back to #sktchy!

Hoping to have time tonight to work on another.


Day 17 & 18


I am behind in posting! And, I missed yesterday the 19th. On the 16th I painting in oil, but not super happy with the results. Oil painting is a learning process. I know that I will have many days that are just painting to learn…not to show! The Rabbit is a digital drawing…kind of a hybrid actually. I scanned the drawing that I had done on notebook paper and then drew on top of that in #Procreate. The Squirrel is a #sktchy photo that I did in my watercolor journal.

Hoping to get a little painting done today.