Day Two Inktober


The prompt for today was noisy. Cicada in dry brush, brush pen and micron pen with some green ink that didn’t scan well. Hoping to keep up with each day, that will be the challenge!

I am also working on a face in ink wash and some colored ink, but didn’t finish that today.

New Materials

In progress: acrylic paint and acrylic markers

In progress: acrylic paint and acrylic markers

I never thought I would really like acrylic paint. And, I never really expected that traditional art supplies would really evolve…but they have! After doing the mermaid painting, I realized that painting can be fun…it may not be my media in the end, but it is fun. Somehow I stumbled onto Acrylic markers. These things are super cool, they allow you to “draw” on canvas or wood panels. It’s just a little more comfortable for me, as painting does not come naturally. I am looking forward to learning how to use these and combining them with a brush. I am going to to work on a bug series.