Trumpet Vine

I can’t decide whether this is finished or not. I will study it for a little while before I decide. I am thinking of smoothing out some of the dark to light sections in the background…right hand side in particular.


Work in progress: 5″ x 7″

in progress

in progress

This is watercolor, colored pencil and graphite. I am looking a lot at old art nouveau drawings for inspiration. I stared this piece for a friend who likes that kind of work–so I am trying to add that art nouveau quality. I might do a series of these as I really love the shapes and color.

Big Yellow Fish


5″ x 7″ casein and graphite

This is similar in a way to the hummingbird, and I think that I like the casein layering for this. I like the movement of the fins and the composition here. This is just the underpainting, but I think that I will enjoy working on this one. I love this fish! He was in the aquarium at the vets office when we took our Big dog for surgery in May. They told us that he was something like 20 years old! The fish was very interested in people and seemed to come right up to you when you approached the tank. I did get several really nice photos of him.

White Iris


6 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ Watercolor, colored pencil and graphite

I like the composition of this piece…white objects are hard to deal with! I think that I probably left a little too much of the paper in sections, as there is very little in the image that is really that stark. I have another “white” flower in progress… the one with the bee, I may have to abandon this and move on to more color for a little while. I am having trouble with the casein, really need to keep it blocked out more and experiment with laying color blocks and see how drawing over that works out. Right now I have 3 other pieces going and I need to commit to one of them!


Final! I am really happy with this little hummingbird. I am going to throw it on the scanner to see if I can get a better representation of it.

finished piece

finished piece

Midway point!

I think that I am about midway here

I think that I am about midway here

Casein, colored pencil and graphite on paper. 3 1/2″ by 4 1/2″


I am trying out casein for this piece. I have been using casein on the stones with encaustic and I would like to try using it on paper. I love the smell of this paint! And, it is opaque but also transparent. It seems to work well not only under pencil but also seems to work well overtop. The ground for this was created using crumpled tissue over paper and then saturated with the casein paint. Once it was mostly dry I took up the tissue paper and the ground is what was left behind. Of course no white of the paper really was preserved, so the white casein was needed to provide the white. This project is slated to be given away to one of my friends.

Ground, white, pencil outline

Ground, white, pencil outline