Finishing up

Casein & colored pencil: 5" x 7"

Casein & colored pencil: 5″ x 7″

Some work does get abandoned….but not always forgotten. I have been looking at this in an unfinished state since August! I carry it around, and keep thinking I will get back to it. I did a pencil sketch that I actually like better…but, I wasn’t ready to relegate this to a permanently unfinished piece. So, without too much extra time involved I completed it today. I love the richness of the background against the white. This white iris was blooming in front of my very red japanese maple. Nice memory.


Study for next casein painting

Study for next casein painting

I need to get organized! I have at least 5 paintings started and not finished. I think that some are destined to always be partially done, but others deserve my attention. It is so difficult for me not to start a new piece once the vision hits. Sketching is so much fun, I love the graphite, the spontaneity and immediate gratification. Casein is a difficult medium and one that forces you to work in stages. However, I like the challenge of tackling something new and different. The color of the casein is rich, the layers offer a lot of possibility.

Below is a piece I did while traveling of an evening primrose. These were all over Frisco and Avon (outer banks of North Carolina). They indeed only bloom at early evening and through the night! If you get up really early, some are still open. They are charming.

Water soluble colored crayons and colored pencil: 4″ x 6″




Iris: Encaustic on Stone

Approximate size is 3″ x 4 1/2″

Materials: Casein, colored pencil, encaustic

This piece was inspired by a photograph that I took a couple years ago. I have very few Iris in my garden, I think I might be down to one that actually blooms! I love them though, in all their different blooming stages.