Graphite in journal: value warm-up

Graphite in journal: value warm-up

This is my warm up value sketch for #sbsseeing homework with Cathy Johnson. What a great exercise. This simple project really worked for me. It’s not that the sketch is great, it’s that all the sudden I stopped drawing shapes and started drawing tone. Exactly what I needed! I am terrified of the next part of this project, value in color! That will take even more concentration, and will involve some color mixing that will be good for me too.

More snow coming tomorrow! It just keeps coming.

Art on Maui

My week here started off pretty poorly as I came down with the flu the first day here. Finally after 6 days of being sick, I feel better, not 100%, but considerably better. Between naps I was able to get one piece done, the Queen Emma Lily. I just could not concentrate on sketchbook Skool while sick.

This weeks lessons are selfies! Boy are they difficult, but good lessons. We are to do the following:

2 selfies using a mirror
2 selfies from a photo
2 contour “quickies”
1 from memory

I have only included my homework so that I can look back and see how I have improved in the future. This assignment has been somewhat painful. However, I want to get better at faces, and this is the way to do it!