Ink Only

Pitt Pen size S

Pitt Pen size S

I like it–I am enjoying the ink only challenge that I am working on. I feel a little stifled with just the black or blue choice, but I am sticking with it. I have devoted one book to the ink only. This is my next project, devoted sketchbooks. I think that it will be nice to look back at a themed book. So far I have three going:

  • Ink only
  • Flower Journal
  • Ideas (needs a better title)

The book that I chose for the flowers I have been holding onto for a long time. It was a gift from my mother and I have been afraid to touch it it is so pretty. Of course, that is ridiculous. I did a cover/title page, so now It’s mussed up and I can move on to fill the pages.

After the ink journal is done, I might start an animals only journal. This was the last week for #sketchbookskool. As the first class, this was a great experience. I am not as sad to see it end though, mostly because I need to move on to do some finished work. I have plenty of ideas to work on.