Snow Shadows Two


Casein and colored pencil on dark green paper: 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″

Here is one more with the shadows. I think that this is good practice for adding color and depth in sections that really seem like they are only one color. I made an attempt of one started on light/white paper, but it just didn’t have the depth. Working on a dark colored paper forces me to put the guide of the drawing down n white and then block in white casein. I think that this really helps me loosen up, and the colored pencil works really nice on top of the casein. I think I will try a watercolor base and casein next.

Snow Shadows


Casein and colored pencil on blue paper stock: 5″ x 7″

Breaking out of my shell in terms of subject matter. I love the long shadows in the snow. I am going to work on a little series of these. I tried pastel…again! I want to like it, but I end up unhappy with the result. The casein is a great medium for throwing down a lot of a light color and then drawing on top of. I will try a couple of more of these scenes. I think it will help me understand working with the medium. I need to add in some bold and unexpected color to these.