Day Two Inktober


The prompt for today was noisy. Cicada in dry brush, brush pen and micron pen with some green ink that didn’t scan well. Hoping to keep up with each day, that will be the challenge!

I am also working on a face in ink wash and some colored ink, but didn’t finish that today.

Winged Creatures

Sepia Pitt Pen, Water-soluble Crayon, White Sharpie

Sepia Pitt Pen, Water-soluble Crayon, White Sharpie

I think I have found a use for the white Sharpie that has been so frustrating for me to use! Wings! I kind of stumbled onto this subject matter…I don’t really like winged ants…but I thought the shapes were fun and the wings were pretty. The sharpie seemed to work well on top of the water-soluble crayon background on my tinted strathmore paper. Maybe I have found my next encaustic series! Winged creatures! It’s just about time to get back to the wax.

So, my plan is to do a bunch of these winged creature sketches that will turn into encaustic panels. Hopefully I can make that work out.