Day Seven


I missed a couple of days. I had these hopes that I could do more than one a day, it’s just not working out. And, there is too much going on at my day job to take a long enough lunch to do any painting and drawing. I started this one at 4:30am and finished it up after work. It’s done, but not what I wanted. Sometimes it just has to be okay that you worked on some art…not that it really turned out.

I might miss tomorrow, but the weekend is almost here, so at least I will do two paintings this weekend. More if I can manage it!

Watercolor & Graphite


The days are flying by! I am working on some oil paint studies, some are working, some not so much. But, I am learning and gaining experience. This is such a busy time of year with the holidays…I find that setting up for oil painting is a little harder to manage.

The great thing about watercolor pencils and graphite is they easily go anywhere. I have been doing the water color grounds first and then drawing on top. Sitting in the living room in a cozy chair with my journal and pencil allows me to visit with folks coming in and out of the house.

After tomorrow I have a few days off, hope to get back to oil painting.


Summer Variety

Sea Urchin: 4x4 panel, watercolor, encaustic, oil stick

Sea Urchin: 4×4 panel, watercolor, encaustic, oil stick

It’s a surprisingly nice feeling when someone appreciates your work enough to actually buy it! The piece was donated to our local library fundraiser–I decided to donate my sale 100% to the library–somehow it seemed the best thing to do considering I don’t sell my work yet. It wasn’t a high ticket sale, but so nice none-the-less to have another person enjoy it.

I am working on a bunch of really tiny pieces…4×4 cradled panels. The square is an interesting challenge–so far the work all seems to go well together–sheerly by accident, but I think that they will look good hanging together. Because I can’t settle down and just keep going with one medium I am also trying out some oil paint on wood panel.

Cone Flower: 4x4 on wood panel, watercolor and colored pencil

Cone Flower: 4×4 on wood panel, watercolor and colored pencil

Still experimenting with the encaustic–maybe it’s always going to feel that way. This piece I decided to just have fun with. I am starting to get the hang of the layering of color–the main image I scraped out with an old dental instrument–I was pleased with the way that worked out.

Jack-in-the-pulpit: encaustic on wood panel, 11x14

Jack-in-the-pulpit: encaustic on wood panel, 11×14

I want to move on and do a series with the cone flowers that are blooming. I have discovered that working plein air is actually pretty wonderful…but they aren’t going to last as long as I need them to!

Afternoon Shadows at Fort Point Lighthouse: SOLD!!!

Afternoon Shadows at Fort Point Lighthouse: SOLD!!!

Time and discipline

Acrylic: 18"x24" in progress

Acrylic: 18″x24″ in progress

So, I think I might be over ambitious. I had such good intentions two weeks ago to get a bunch of stuff finished…I am not sure why I feel the need to hurry anyway. I am going to try very hard though not to start anything new until I finish the Jack-in-the-pulpit painting. I am still working on my beetle bug and of course sketching as much as I can. I feel like I have abandoned my shell painting–I am just not that happy with it. Of course I can go back to it at any time.

I feel like I need to give my self permission to move on when a project is feeling good. But, on the other hand sometimes when I push through and just get it done it all works out! And, time or the lack of is probably my most frustrating problem. Time in is what I want. I am just going to have to be happier with the time I get to work on my art projects, enjoy it while it happens.

I am missing the bug drawing. Now that the days are longer, I need to plan to get into the art shed after my day job–discipline.

Warm-up sketch: watercolor pencil

Warm-up sketch: watercolor pencil

Quick Sketches

Sharpie in Ink Only Journal

Sharpie in Ink Only Journal

Sometimes a sketch just comes at you in a surprising way. My Mom posted this sweet photo of a newly born lamb, and I immediately thought–so cute I want to draw him! And now, because I am drawing so much, all my supplies are readily at hand. I picked up my ink only journal and a sharpie and did the sketch. What a joy, fun and quick. A happy drawing. I think that is a good goal, to draw as many subjects as I can that really make me happy.

Inspired by one of the #sketchbookskool email assignments I decided to get a Strathmore tinted paper book. The first couple of pages are just experimenting with different mediums to see what works best. I have discovered that that oil based white sharpie I bought has some limitations–the paper just sucks it in, so it really doesn’t show up well. I have a feeling this paper will do best with colored pencil, conte crayon, things like that. The stock is not heavy enough to support too much wet media. It’s one of the largest sketch books I have ever used at 9″x12″–so that will be a good challenge to work a little larger.

This should be a busy week. I have some concentrated time off work and several days in a row–5 big ones, that will be devoted to drawing and painting. Really excited about that!

Colored pencil and white sharpie

Colored pencil and white sharpie