Watercolor & Graphite


The days are flying by! I am working on some oil paint studies, some are working, some not so much. But, I am learning and gaining experience. This is such a busy time of year with the holidays…I find that setting up for oil painting is a little harder to manage.

The great thing about watercolor pencils and graphite is they easily go anywhere. I have been doing the water color grounds first and then drawing on top. Sitting in the living room in a cozy chair with my journal and pencil allows me to visit with folks coming in and out of the house.

After tomorrow I have a few days off, hope to get back to oil painting.


5 thoughts on “Watercolor & Graphite

    • Thanks! I was thinking this morning about media, and I thought am I fighting myself? I love the watercolor and graphite…but I feel like I should be challenging my artistic self. I like the oils, but find it so much harder than my very comfy watercolor and graphite 🙂

      • I think comfort should win for awhile. If a medium feels good then go with it, if the results are that good you really should see how far you should take it. Seriously, those drawings were really good. You have a natural talent there.

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