I am finding the great thing about #sktchy is not just the endless photo resources, but learning how other artists are using their photo resource. So many folks do such a great job of really just being inspired by a photo–you can tell that they used the image, but they really used their imagination to create something entirely different! This is something I want to learn how to do!

This is the first time I felt like I deviated a bit from the original image. The resource photo of the girl was great, and somehow she reminded me of a gypsy girl! And, I felt like she need to be looking out of a window with shutters. So….I am happy with this re-interpretation of the image. It’s not a perfect likeness and I have changed her hair and the surroundings. I am going to try and do more work using my imagination!

Two days of faces


Trying to keep up with the face a day! Not everything will work out as planned, but I am really trying to keep up. Top face is from Monday–ballpoint pen #sktchy, bottom one is from Tuesday. Tuesday’s face did not turn out at all, it is from #sktchy, but I didn’t post it on the app. The resource face was so nice, and this turned out so wonky, it just didn’t do the resource photo justice. Do over planned.


Quick Draw


Keeping it simple is really helping me feel motivated to draw with limited time. Somehow I have convinced myself to just sit down for 15 minutes and that if I make a mistake, it’s okay! And, coloring in photoshop is quicker (and easily changed if needed).

Today’s face from #sktchy. Ballpoint pen, photoshop color.

Boy With Hat


Yesterday’s face! I can’t get away from the “red cheeks” idea from #sketchbookskool yet. It seems like every face I do is begging for a little cheek color. I imagine I will wander away from that eventually.

I am trying to do the face a day as a warm up to my day. Also working on a few painting projects. My vacation time is coming to a close in a couple of days, so all the sudden I am in an art project frenzy of trying to finish things up!  And, trying to have a little fun on the side with some mermaid doodles.




I think I will stick with faces for awhile. The #sktchyapp is great motivation and there are so many expressions to choose from. I have always felt that drawing people was somewhat intimidating…so it seems like trying to draw a face a day might be a good way to get over that! Trying to stick with using my ballpoint pen.

Back to the ballpoint


I am finally getting back to a little #sketchbookskool mini assignment. Quick drawings of dogs. I have a bunch of reference photos sent by friends that I am using to do some “quick” drawings. The Boston Terrier was under 15 minutes–the other one was closer to 30 minutes. I love starting these with no guidelines, just the pen. Forces you to really look and to commit! Super fun to draw dogs! Especially your friends dogs!


Sneaking a sketch in

Quick study: watercolor and fountain pen

Quick study: watercolor and fountain pen

This weekend was super busy. We are planning on a sailing trip over the fourth of July holiday, so lots to do to get ready for. I plan on doing a lot of drawing during this trip…so I am trying not to feel sad that I didn’t get to draw or paint this weekend. Oh, wait, that isn’t entirely true, I just finished this quick sketch which made me late cooking dinner! This was drawn from a photo I took on a Maine island last fourth of July.

Looking forward to a sail in just a few days!

Mermaids & Bugs

Fountain pen (light blue) and sepia ink pen with watercolor pencil

Fountain pen (light blue) and sepia ink pen with watercolor pencil

I really love drawing the bugs. It seems kind of weird, but I like them. I have been looking for a piece to go in our bathroom–and specifically I want something beachy and thought a mermaid would be fun. After looking around I have decided to try and paint it myself. So, even though the painting will be pretty primitive, I am doing some studies. Stretched canvas is pretty inexpensive and readily available, so I have decided to use canvas. That means subjecting myself to acrylic paint–generally not my choice of medium. So, it’s an exploration piece and I am trying to just have fun with it and not get too caught up in the end result. After all, it’s going to be acrylic to I can paint over it if it turns out awful.

Mermaid study for larger painting

Mermaid study for larger painting

Big Heads

Fountain pen and water-soluble crayon

Fountain pen and water-soluble crayon

I am now two weeks in to #sketchbookskool #stretching class. Great to be back in class again! The time is already flying by. This second week I skipped over the blind contour and went straight to drawing big heads. It’s harder than one would think! I need to try this assignment again with a live subject. Reggie the boxer was hanging out at Java Joe’s coffee shop in Sugarloaf, he was a great looking guy–so I snapped his photo. The drawing is kind of wonky and I think that I will re-do his tag, but he was super fun to draw.

The think I like most about this assignment was the feeling of freedom from changing the proportions. Figures can be so intimidating…and changing proportions somehow takes some of the fear out of the drawing.

Winged Creatures

Sepia Pitt Pen, Water-soluble Crayon, White Sharpie

Sepia Pitt Pen, Water-soluble Crayon, White Sharpie

I think I have found a use for the white Sharpie that has been so frustrating for me to use! Wings! I kind of stumbled onto this subject matter…I don’t really like winged ants…but I thought the shapes were fun and the wings were pretty. The sharpie seemed to work well on top of the water-soluble crayon background on my tinted strathmore paper. Maybe I have found my next encaustic series! Winged creatures! It’s just about time to get back to the wax.

So, my plan is to do a bunch of these winged creature sketches that will turn into encaustic panels. Hopefully I can make that work out.