Mermaids & Bugs

Fountain pen (light blue) and sepia ink pen with watercolor pencil

Fountain pen (light blue) and sepia ink pen with watercolor pencil

I really love drawing the bugs. It seems kind of weird, but I like them. I have been looking for a piece to go in our bathroom–and specifically I want something beachy and thought a mermaid would be fun. After looking around I have decided to try and paint it myself. So, even though the painting will be pretty primitive, I am doing some studies. Stretched canvas is pretty inexpensive and readily available, so I have decided to use canvas. That means subjecting myself to acrylic paint–generally not my choice of medium. So, it’s an exploration piece and I am trying to just have fun with it and not get too caught up in the end result. After all, it’s going to be acrylic to I can paint over it if it turns out awful.

Mermaid study for larger painting

Mermaid study for larger painting

4 thoughts on “Mermaids & Bugs

  1. Love the bold line work and composition in your bug drawing. The touches of colour set it off beautifully! Didn’t think a bug could look so appealing! Love the mermaid too. 🙂

    I thought I best tell you, that when I recieved your follow email (and thank you for that) I went to have a look at a suggested post that was on it and it took me a Dentistry blog…and then..when I touched on your name, in a list in my reader it took me to something that said you are a private blog. Anyway, you may want to delete this comment after the smiley face…just wanted to let you know all this…regards Janette.

    • thanks Janette! I have other blogs, so maybe something in my settings is set up incorrectly, I appreciate knowing! Now, I just have to figure out how to fix that 🙂

  2. Bugs are so interesting to draw and I just love your different coloured inks. The mermaid is fun, don’t you love the fact that acrylics let you paint straight o re the top if you don’t like it. Karen

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