Paper 53 App

Gerber Daisy: drawn with the pen tool in the iPad app Paper 53

Gerber Daisy: drawn with the pen tool in the iPad app Paper 53

Leave it to #sketchbookskool to open up another medium for exploration. I have had the Paper 53 app on my iPad for a long time. I have never used it, until yesterday! It’s AWESOME!!!! No doubt it is going to take some getting used to, but it is super cool. I am really surprised how nice the pen and pencil tools are. I am using a cheap stylus that isn’t great, but good enough for some experiments. I ordered the Paper 53 stylus in hopes that it will prove easier to use. I am really excited about the possibilities for this new way of sketching.

The pros: 

  • The iPad is always with me
  • Endless color options
  • No need for new supplies
  • Quality reproduction

The Cons:

  • Results are not the same as working on different paper surfaces
  • Spontaneity of splashy unexpected, unplanned color can’t really be achieved

Overall, I am really excited about using this app for different sketchbooks. I have created one for “Learning”, “Bugs” and one just for “Sketches”.

I am also working on the Every Day in May Facebook Group Challenge. Basically just a drawing a day using the prompts from the group. Hopefully I can keep up. May 1 was your favorite food, I couldn’t get the entire image on the scanner–but the eggplant turned out okay. It was delicious roasted for supper. Today May 3 is curtains. Of which I have none in the house, so I will have to figure that one out.

Water-soluble crayon, black & white sharpie

Water-soluble crayon, black & white sharpie

2 thoughts on “Paper 53 App

  1. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed seeing your lovely work, since I opened my blog to public viewing a couple of months ago. I share a lot about art apps on my blog, as well as about my works on paper and canvas. A favourite art app I use is “Art Set Pro”; it has quite amazing rich, naturalistic media. (I use my finger; works better for me than a stylus) I love what you have done here using paper 53 (I have used that one, though prefer “Bamboo Paper” which is similiar). I know what you mean as per your notes in the “Cons” , however you may be really surprised at what you can achieve using the sponge and smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”. Also the “Zen Brush” app is rather swishy and inky..and you can get some quite interesting unexpected results…all the best with your iPad art (and all your art). Looking forward to seeing your future posts. 🙂

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