Recent Work


I have been drawing, just not posting. Fourth of July holiday was our week vacation time. Lots of camping and sailing…and I always have good intentions to do some sketching, but it is still difficult for me to settle down. We seem to spend a lot of time moving our gear in and out of the boat and then off to another island!


Luckily we spent two days at Little Hens so I spent a little time doing some landscape drawing (which I really never do). Once I got back home and unpacked it was back to #sktchy and faces. I am also working on some fish studies for larger paintings. The Right Whale seemed a good choice.

One and a half days left on vaca and then back to work.

Still going


I am still doing a face a day…but some don’t turn out as planned. This was from a few days ago, since then I haven’t been happy with any of the others. I guess I am going through a rough patch. I always feel like outside factors (like stress or feeling overwhelmed at work) shouldn’t influence the drawing–but they seem to!

But, I will keep going!

This one was done with ballpoint pen in my everyday journal. I downloaded the Adobe Draw app which looks like a great way to add color to my sketches. But, it is different than my computer version and will take a little getting used to

Still having fun with #sktchy app!

Boy With Hat


Yesterday’s face! I can’t get away from the “red cheeks” idea from #sketchbookskool yet. It seems like every face I do is begging for a little cheek color. I imagine I will wander away from that eventually.

I am trying to do the face a day as a warm up to my day. Also working on a few painting projects. My vacation time is coming to a close in a couple of days, so all the sudden I am in an art project frenzy of trying to finish things up!  And, trying to have a little fun on the side with some mermaid doodles.


Today and Yesterday


So far I am keeping up with my goal of a face a day. It’s a challenge for sure!

Really good for practice, and even when I don’t feel like face drawing I am forcing myself to be disciplined and do it anyway. I would like to get to the point where I feel like I can really take more liberty and make better characters.


Sneaking a sketch in

Quick study: watercolor and fountain pen

Quick study: watercolor and fountain pen

This weekend was super busy. We are planning on a sailing trip over the fourth of July holiday, so lots to do to get ready for. I plan on doing a lot of drawing during this trip…so I am trying not to feel sad that I didn’t get to draw or paint this weekend. Oh, wait, that isn’t entirely true, I just finished this quick sketch which made me late cooking dinner! This was drawn from a photo I took on a Maine island last fourth of July.

Looking forward to a sail in just a few days!

Paper 53 App

Gerber Daisy: drawn with the pen tool in the iPad app Paper 53

Gerber Daisy: drawn with the pen tool in the iPad app Paper 53

Leave it to #sketchbookskool to open up another medium for exploration. I have had the Paper 53 app on my iPad for a long time. I have never used it, until yesterday! It’s AWESOME!!!! No doubt it is going to take some getting used to, but it is super cool. I am really surprised how nice the pen and pencil tools are. I am using a cheap stylus that isn’t great, but good enough for some experiments. I ordered the Paper 53 stylus in hopes that it will prove easier to use. I am really excited about the possibilities for this new way of sketching.

The pros: 

  • The iPad is always with me
  • Endless color options
  • No need for new supplies
  • Quality reproduction

The Cons:

  • Results are not the same as working on different paper surfaces
  • Spontaneity of splashy unexpected, unplanned color can’t really be achieved

Overall, I am really excited about using this app for different sketchbooks. I have created one for “Learning”, “Bugs” and one just for “Sketches”.

I am also working on the Every Day in May Facebook Group Challenge. Basically just a drawing a day using the prompts from the group. Hopefully I can keep up. May 1 was your favorite food, I couldn’t get the entire image on the scanner–but the eggplant turned out okay. It was delicious roasted for supper. Today May 3 is curtains. Of which I have none in the house, so I will have to figure that one out.

Water-soluble crayon, black & white sharpie

Water-soluble crayon, black & white sharpie

Winged Creatures

Sepia Pitt Pen, Water-soluble Crayon, White Sharpie

Sepia Pitt Pen, Water-soluble Crayon, White Sharpie

I think I have found a use for the white Sharpie that has been so frustrating for me to use! Wings! I kind of stumbled onto this subject matter…I don’t really like winged ants…but I thought the shapes were fun and the wings were pretty. The sharpie seemed to work well on top of the water-soluble crayon background on my tinted strathmore paper. Maybe I have found my next encaustic series! Winged creatures! It’s just about time to get back to the wax.

So, my plan is to do a bunch of these winged creature sketches that will turn into encaustic panels. Hopefully I can make that work out.

Colored Paper

Tulips on colored paper.

Tulips on colored paper.

Quick experimental sketch for email sketchbook skool assignment. Orange colored paper stock with water-soluble crayon a sharpie and white marker. Absolutely something to try again! The colors are so different…not exactly what I was hoping for, but it’s fun to try something new. I really like using the white marker, and I actually picked the sharpie up by accident. Once I started with it however, there was no going back. I had intended to use a water soluble ink pen in order to get some funky shadow. I will have a do-over with that technique.

Really enjoying the extra bonus of sketchbook skool email assignment. What a nice surprise every Sunday to get them. I will tip this in to my ink only journal. #sketchbookskool, #art4all

Every Day Sketching

Bird in blue ink: micron pen

Bird in blue ink: micron pen

I am getting used to sketching everyday…it seems like all the sudden its become a habit! A habit that I look forward to and one that feels a lot like meditation. And, I am getting to the point where I feel comfortable drawing in locations that might not be ideal. The bird in blue sketch was started before supper and finished up after supper–that is a first. I couldn’t get a sketch in at lunch, so before and after supper had to do.

Nice surprise in my email from #sketchbookskool–an assignment! Awesome. This one was to scrutinize a tree. Once I started looking around for resources I realized that I have a lot of great tree photos in my photo portfolio to draw from! I love this view of the trees from my regular weekend walk with my dog Big.

Trees. Black ink, little bit of color added.

Trees. Black ink, little bit of color added.

Two Trees

Inktense and graphite

Inktense and graphite

I have been thinking about this image for quite awhile. So, I decided to make it the subject matter for my first “finished” piece of the new year. I’m not sure what that really means, but I suppose it will just be well attended to and slower to complete. My approach is to get to know the subject by doing at least 2 or 3 warm up sketches. And, they can fulfill some of my more minor goals too. The first sketch was done in my 75 Days of Ink Journal. Fairly quick. Next up, color! I am missing color with the ink drawings, but trying not to break the rules.

The sketchbook skool folks are emailing assignments to previous klass participants! That is pretty awesome. This week’s assignment is to scrutinize a tree. Perfect for Ink!

Ink only

Ink only