Colored Paper

Tulips on colored paper.

Tulips on colored paper.

Quick experimental sketch for email sketchbook skool assignment. Orange colored paper stock with water-soluble crayon a sharpie and white marker. Absolutely something to try again! The colors are so different…not exactly what I was hoping for, but it’s fun to try something new. I really like using the white marker, and I actually picked the sharpie up by accident. Once I started with it however, there was no going back. I had intended to use a water soluble ink pen in order to get some funky shadow. I will have a do-over with that technique.

Really enjoying the extra bonus of sketchbook skool email assignment. What a nice surprise every Sunday to get them. I will tip this in to my ink only journal. #sketchbookskool, #art4all

2 thoughts on “Colored Paper

  1. I love this. I always like to see tulips done up in different media but this looks so good on coloured paper. I was using Canson Mi-Teintes for a sketch a few weeks ago and loved it. Things just pop, don’t they?

    You have a real affinity for pen work!

  2. I haven’t really done much on colored paper, but I like it! I am using old paper samples for printing projects–not sure that the paper is archival. Of course, I am using a sharpie, so I probably shouldn’t care about that. It’s a cool approach 🙂 The pen work is helping me with commitment for sure.

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