Brush Pen

Pitt Pen, brush style tip

Pitt Pen, brush style tip

Trying out new materials for my ink only journal. I am trying so hard to play by the rules and not add any color! Using a different style ink pen helps keep me away from the color! The brush pens are a great exploration, such a different feel. Heavier lines, and the ability to fill in more quickly. Next up, using a combination of different pens in one drawing.

Loved drawing my old friend Garth. I miss him all the time, he had a good long life. Nice to remember him with some sketches.

Difficult perspective

Difficult perspective

5 thoughts on “Brush Pen

  1. Oh yeah, this is great. I keep meaning to try a brush pen but I just got a Lamy Safari that I am enjoying with grey ink, and bought a Pilot Parallel pen for calligraphy.

    I never thought of doing an ink-only journal, what a great idea. You have such an eye for dogs and nature, I love to see your work.

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