Tiny Art Fundraiser


While traveling I have strayed a few days from #inktober. In Frisco, NC the Indian Town Gallery is doing little fundraiser where they ask folks to donate a piece of art on a 5″ x 5″ canvas…they are then sold for $20 each. The gallery provides the canvas which is very nice! I participated in this last year and it was a lot of fun, this year I have done 5 of them! I got just a little carried away! But it was a lot of fun.


I tried to use ink in all but one of them, so they kind of qualify for #inktober2o16


I did two Mermaid variations. I think I like using the pencil (below)


And, one with just all acrylic paint.


Boy With Hat


Yesterday’s face! I can’t get away from the “red cheeks” idea from #sketchbookskool yet. It seems like every face I do is begging for a little cheek color. I imagine I will wander away from that eventually.

I am trying to do the face a day as a warm up to my day. Also working on a few painting projects. My vacation time is coming to a close in a couple of days, so all the sudden I am in an art project frenzy of trying to finish things up!  And, trying to have a little fun on the side with some mermaid doodles.



Mostly Ink

Mostly Ink

Just being at the beach I am on a mermaid kick it seems. I will just let that ride its course I think. The good thing about working on something like mermaids is it helps me develop my imagination skills! In order to get the drawing or painting done I need to pull from different resources. And, they are fun!

I had plans to do ink drawings everyday for #inktober…that has not worked out. Just too much going on this month. So, to make up for it (kindof) I am just going to try and get a few ink drawings in.

Still working with the oil sticks. Mermaid in progress using the Windsor & Newton Oil Bars. This product seems to be the one, not to hard, not too soft, pretty perfect!

in progress: oil bar on canvas

in progress: oil bar on canvas

Mermaids & Bugs

Fountain pen (light blue) and sepia ink pen with watercolor pencil

Fountain pen (light blue) and sepia ink pen with watercolor pencil

I really love drawing the bugs. It seems kind of weird, but I like them. I have been looking for a piece to go in our bathroom–and specifically I want something beachy and thought a mermaid would be fun. After looking around I have decided to try and paint it myself. So, even though the painting will be pretty primitive, I am doing some studies. Stretched canvas is pretty inexpensive and readily available, so I have decided to use canvas. That means subjecting myself to acrylic paint–generally not my choice of medium. So, it’s an exploration piece and I am trying to just have fun with it and not get too caught up in the end result. After all, it’s going to be acrylic to I can paint over it if it turns out awful.

Mermaid study for larger painting

Mermaid study for larger painting