Shells & Bugs

Acrylic Painting in progress

Acrylic Painting in progress

I think that the bugs are here to stay. They are so much fun, on regular paper, on my Paper 53 app on my iPad…super fun. Why is that?

Just getting back front the beach I have the beach on my mind. After trying the mermaid, I thought I would try a shell in acrylic. Still not sure this medium is for me…but it is quick. I think I will try a little oil painting (I have the kind that work with water) tomorrow. Good to try new things. After that I am going back to watercolor and ink pen. And, of course I will continue to experiment with the Paper 53 app.

Ladybug: Paper 53 app on iPad

Ladybug: Paper 53 app on iPad

One thought on “Shells & Bugs

  1. Love your bug on the paper app. I have been trying the app out as well and it is the best drawing app I have used, in fact it is the only one that I haven’t got bored with trying to figure out how yo use. Your colours really pop and work so well. Karen

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