New Year’s Eve


I can’t believe the year is almost over. It flew by. I have not been good about posting consistently, I will try to do better this year as I like looking back at the work I am doing. Right now, I am really enjoying the iPad Pro and using #Procreate for drawing and painting. It certainly doesn’t replace the paper or canvas but it offers me a sketch opportunity at a moments notice.

This year I think I am going to focus as much as I can on the joy of drawing and painting and less about a particular goal. I think that the joy will be enough.

Four More Days!


I can’t believe that #inktober2016 is almost over. While I haven’t been able to keep up everyday, I have done pretty well. This year has been fun to use the actual prompts…makes me think about drawing something I wouldn’t normally do.

Still loving the puffy fish on the iPad pro with the Apple Pencil. A lot fun and great way to learn the features of the Procreate app.


Digital Art Discovery


Super fun! I can’t stop using this new to me app Procreate with my iPad pro and the apple pencil. It is soooooo much fun! Great for the little puffer fish characters that are in my head.

I have seen a lot of art that is so wonderful using this app….that will take a lot longer for me to figure out.


My brother and I went on vacation together, and he drove most of the way, so even though it was a little bumpy here and there, I spend most of my time trying to work things in the app out and drawing. It’s absolutely addictive.


Shells & Bugs

Acrylic Painting in progress

Acrylic Painting in progress

I think that the bugs are here to stay. They are so much fun, on regular paper, on my Paper 53 app on my iPad…super fun. Why is that?

Just getting back front the beach I have the beach on my mind. After trying the mermaid, I thought I would try a shell in acrylic. Still not sure this medium is for me…but it is quick. I think I will try a little oil painting (I have the kind that work with water) tomorrow. Good to try new things. After that I am going back to watercolor and ink pen. And, of course I will continue to experiment with the Paper 53 app.

Ladybug: Paper 53 app on iPad

Ladybug: Paper 53 app on iPad