Spot Fish


Watercolor, colored pencil and graphite: 5″ x 7″

This piece took me a long time! Not so much in terms of the time spent on it, but I kept starting and stopping. I think that I might try it again later. I really liked the composition–this is inspired and pretty close in composition to a photo that I took. I moved some things around. I like the drama of it. I think it could be much stronger with more sky and better clouds. The original photo had a sky that was a beautiful brilliant blue with very light wispy clouds just above the land, but I think a drawing could really embellish the clouds and be stronger. I stuck with this piece because my husband liked it, otherwise I am not sure that I would have finished it. Sometimes it is good to try things that are a little counter intuitive.

This spot fish was hooked right behind his head, the fisherman (my husband I think) did release him and says that he was fine and swam off without any trouble. Sounds like a good fish story anyway.

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