Tahitian Plumeria

Final painting

Final painting

Today was an experiment in layers. I started out with the intention of just using the casein and nothing else. I started with a left over piece of dark blue heavy stock and just through down some orange, red, yellow layers with broad strokes. Then I added the white layer hoping that the color would come through. Then I added more detail to the flower layering in red/pink and yellow. I did scratch through it a little in the petal areas…which revealed a nice dark undertone. The background was simply an experiment in layering in heavier color. After all this I just couldn’t help myself and I just went in with the graphite…nice dark soft 4B pencil. I like the way the layering turned out, this will take lots of experimenting to really know how this all works out. It’s a discovery process! Size is 3″ x 3 1/2″

Roughing in the flower

Roughing in the flower

Base layer

Base layer

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