Re-discovering Ink

Ink and water soluble crayon, 5" x 7"

Ink and water soluble crayon, 5″ x 7″

I had forgotten how much I actually liked ink. I think when I was young I may have sketched the drawing in pencil first and then gone over it in ink. Now I seem to have less fear and I can dive right in and put that ink right on the page. The lines now have loosened up for sure. Adding splashes of color with the water soluble crayon adds a spontaneity that I really enjoy. And, If I keep that color thin enough I can sneak in and add just a little over spots where I have drawn and then ink right over that too. I will keep working with this.

I started out with the micron ink pen just thinking of planning a painting, but the second piece I did really turned out well. I think that it’s a good medium for small planning sketches and also finished work. Next experiment is to use the ink drawing for a base for encaustic. We’ll see how that goes.

Planning sketch: ink pen

Planning sketch: ink pen

3 thoughts on “Re-discovering Ink

  1. thanks you guys! There are so many different mediums to use…I sometimes feel overwhelmed by them. I need to just remember that experimenting is good and I will settle down at some point.

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