Art, Art and more Art!

Encaustic & oil pastel: 5" x 7"

Encaustic & oil pastel: 5″ x 7″

This is my week to devote just about every day to my Art Projects. This makes me so happy. I am going to have to counsel myself not to be disappointed that I can’t get everything done that I want to. Today started slow…it’s amazing how quickly the morning gets away from you. I took some photos and decided to just play around a little–the result is this little encaustic painting of a dandelion. This afternoon I am going to work on some ink drawings for inktober (I am behind on this) and do some planning for the week. I need to get organized so I can make good use of my time. And, I need to remember to eat and walk the Big dog!


6 thoughts on “Art, Art and more Art!

  1. Love the dandelion encaustic. This is such a beautiful day for you to work in your shed. The rest of the week is to be wet, but hope you will still be motivated to do your art. Should I prompt you to eat? I have no problem with that. Have a great week doing what you want to do.

    • prompting me to eat is probably a good idea! Even if I don’t get out to the shed much I will still work inside on drawing and watercolors. But, I am hopeful to still get out to the shed for encaustic.

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