The Documented Week

Sunday bulb planting

Sunday bulb planting

The second homework assignment for #sketchbookskool is to document your week. I know that when Wednesday rolls around my life will get pretty busy, so I figured I better jump right in to the documentation. I was able to get three pages done today. The first two pages are pretty crappy…but it is what it is. You have to start somewhere. What I like most about it is the slowing down. You have to slow down for a moment when you draw something. So, I cut my breakfast pear and enjoyed the shapes. Then I ate it. I drank my coffee and then did a sketch of the empty cup. Enjoying the cup and remembering that it used to belong to my grandmother. I took my book with me on my walk, and the Big dog and I stopped mid-way to rest and I did a sketch of the tree. The ink is not waterproof!

I decided to plant my bulbs today. And then I thought, well, I will draw those first! So, I plopped them down on the picnic table and the sun was bright on them casting long beautiful shadows. I won’t see these bulbs again, they are going in the ground. I decided to look up the history of the Hyacinth and the Tulip so I could add some words to the page. I am hopeful that the mole that ate my other bulbs in the spring will not come back next spring and eat these!


I am looking forward to tomorrow morning and my next journal page.


3 thoughts on “The Documented Week

  1. I am really enjoying reading your comments on your sketches, your week. The information added about bulbs, shells, etc. is so interesting. Gives me some information that I didn’t know. The sketches are beautiful, and I mean that. A collection of them would be nice frame. This is a great journal, makes you focus on what you are doing, your surroundings, and do some extra research. I really love it. You are a good writer. You will treasure this in years to come.

  2. awww, Mom. I love that you are commenting on my blog entries! It means a lot to me that you read them and comment on them. I am really enjoying the sketchbook skool so far. It’s good to have organized assignments, goals and to learn new things. I think it will really help me grow as an artist. It’s also fun to interact with other folks who want to art journal. There are so many varied backgrounds. Thanks again for stopping by!

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