Week Two

Red Pear: colored pencil

Red Pear: colored pencil

As I write this I am on week three of #sketchbookskool, but I am showing week two as my homework for work three is not yet complete. This class is really great for me because I feel obligated to do my homework! And, even when the assignment seems like something I might not enjoy, I am pleasantly surprised and it turns out just fine. Working in only colored pencil is not something that I appreciate that much. I feel like I need to add something else…but I stuck with  it and build the colors up. This pear started out green! The complement of the red to get a nice rich base. I tried to work with red and green for the pear and blue and orange for the shadows…and variations in between. The subject matter was suppose to be simple but interesting. It took me a long time to choose because I hadn’t found anything inspiring…but all the sudden I saw these awesome pears at the grocery.

ink sketch of little pumpkin on the porch

ink sketch of little pumpkin on the porch

This week we are working on capturing personal histories and some watercolor practice.

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