Challenge Day 4

Cat from Castine: graphite

Cat from Castine: graphite

Animals! #AJChallenge Day 4. One of my favorite subjects, but I find that I don’t do many animal drawings really. Not unless it is part of an assignment or challenge. I am thinking that I will add animals to be subject matter for this year. They aren’t easy, so lots of concentration required. A good thing. Today I got the year right!

This cat was hanging out in Castine in front of Markel’s bakery last summer. She had such a personality. You could tell she was really engaged by everyone coming by. I think that she was mostly interested in our dog Big and that is why she looks so intense. I took a bunch of photos of her, I think I will do a few more sketches of her. Good practice.

5 thoughts on “Challenge Day 4

  1. I’m so far behind on commenting and keeping up. Cats are so hard to draw, to get the proportions right, and this has such a freshness.

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