Happy Spring!

Water-soluble pen and crayon

Water-soluble pen and crayon

It’s hard to believe that it’s the first day of spring. My walk this morning was kind of spring like…it was sunny and fairly warm, and you can hear the birds chirping away. But, there is a boat load of snow on the ground! And, we might even get some more snow tomorrow. Spring in Maine!

Here is my very first greeting card. I did this as a birthday card for my co-worker, seemed appropriate to “think spring”. We won’t be seeing any daffodil blooms in person for quite awhile. The first card I did didn’t turn out–it’s a little intimidating to do an original card–the paper seems so valuable! So, it’s good practice, just like the 75 days of ink only. I approached the card the same way, no guide lines, just drawn with ink and then colored in. I am looking forward to doing more cards and sending them out.

Think Spring!

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