A Sporadic Inktober

Watercolor and Ink

Watercolor and Ink

I am doing a miserable job of keeping up with #inktober. But, I am inspired to do as many ink drawings as I can. This year I am not feeling so bound by rules…so while ink is the main ingredient, I feel fine adding color with other mediums.

While I was in Frisco, NC I stopped in to the Indian Town Gallery and they were gearing up for their Tiny Art Fundraiser. I decided it would be fun to donate a piece of art for this. Everyone that participates gets a 5×5 canvas to paint on, at the show all works are $20 donated to a good cause. I am only sorry that I can’t be there for the show! Tiny Art Show

Sardine Surprise: Tiny Art Donation

Sardine Surprise: Tiny Art Donation

Feeling a little unsettled about subject matter right now. Not so much for sketching and experimenting, that comes pretty easy. But, I still feel a little overwhelmed by my goal of completing a body of work. I am not very disciplined…or maybe I am just easily distracted. Maybe I should make a list of what I want to paint, settle on a size for all, and just dig in to that. If I could get 2 oil bar paintings and two watercolor/ink pieces done I would be happy with that. That is two less than I hoped for.

Puffy Fish: ArtSnack materials

Puffy Fish: ArtSnack materials

2 thoughts on “A Sporadic Inktober

  1. Love the first drawing, the lovely inks work with the loose colour behind is fabulous. It can be daunting thinking about a ‘body of work’, but I have found the best results are from just doing. Get out those oil sticks and start, your art will speak for itself and you will be surprised at how well all your art works together and then you will realise that you have a ‘style’. They say that the artist is the last person to recognise their own style. Looking forward to seeing it all unfold. Karen

    • thanks Karen, I so appreciate hearing that. I think you are right. I am getting so caught up in making it fit together, I just need to keep working and then look at what I have done to see how the pieces can work together. I don’t know why I feel like I need to keep it all in some type of theme!

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