Drawing for nothing

Opaque watercolor, colored pencil and white paint marker

Opaque watercolor, colored pencil and white paint marker

Discovery of the week: it’s good to just draw for yourself! That is how the onion came about. I needed to try out my new white paint marker, so I had to have a subject. My friend Paul brought us these beautiful onions, along with many other wonderful heirloom vegetables from his garden. So, I grabbed one, did a color background and started drawing. I just finished some shells with a background and used graphite…which I like fine, but it didn’t seem as bold as I wanted. For this I decided to limit myself to a dark green and dark blue prismacolor pencil and then white paint marker. I am really pleased with the way the materials work.  I put this in my “No Fear” sketchbook, so of course it turned out great. I didn’t really care what happened….somehow I need to trick myself into this for everything!

Next #sketchbookskool assignment is to draw from figurines or taxidermy. I don’t have access to the taxidermy, so I found these great little pandas to work from. I found them at the hardware store of all places!


5 thoughts on “Drawing for nothing

    • I picked this “fancy art supply” up at the Ace Hardware store! It is a Forney White Paint marker; Oil-based paint markers for permanent marking on most surfaces. Intense, highly visible, quick drying colors are water and weather resistant. Precision valve regulates paint flow. For use on metal, plastic, rubber, wood, ceramics, glass, textiles, cement and more. Includes 10cc’s of paint. Here is a link to their website. (be careful, the warning label says that the state if California believes that it contains a cancer causing ingredient, so use it in ventilated areas!) http://www.forneyind.com/store/results/?product_category_id=630

  1. Aha, they actually sell this at amazon.ca–imagine! I thought when I looked at it that I wouldn’t have a chance to buy it in Canada, but now I have it on my wish list. Thanks!!

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