Warm up assignment

Warm up assignment

I was a little behind on my #sketchbookskool homework, so I think that I rushed through a little to catch up. I don’t think that I should do that, I need to remember, its an online course! It’s not going anywhere! So, because I rushed I didn’t feel super great about the projects. I also didn’t really like the technique that we used. The assignment was to draw in pencil, ink in the outline and then color in with watercolor. It’s just not my thing…but, I can see that it can be a good approach for certain things.

This week the subject matter is more interesting to me, drawing animals! Looking forward to this, but I need to find some figurines to draw from for the assignment. The first step in this weeks class was to draw your art supplies. I see other artists do this a fair amount, it’s something I never really considered as a subject. However, once I sat down and really focused in on it I did find it fun. On to the animals!

Ink outlines and watercolor washes

Ink outlines and watercolor washes

2 thoughts on “Materials

  1. Your shell is lovely. I know what you mean about learning to take your time with online courses. I have hardly done anything for this semester of Sketchbook Skool, work has got very hectic and I have been fretting about it. I just need to follow your example and know that I can do it whenever I like. Karen

  2. It’s a hard thing to keep in mind Karen, I feel like sometimes I am racing through to the next lesson. But, in reality, I can always go back and do them again. Some lessons have small things to offer and other lessons feel like they need more of my time. I am glad to hear that I am not alone! But, it feels good to verbalize that it’s okay to be late and take more time.

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