Casein, inktense pencils, prismacolor pencils

Casein, inktense pencils, prismacolor pencils

Today was a slow day. The day after Thanksgiving. For some reason this year I am just not feeling the holidays. It’s just feeling like any other day to me. Anywho, I will work on that. Today I was really excited to try out my new Derwent Inktense pencils. However, I think that my approach was all wrong. I started with some swatches and then worked on top of those, and then because I had some wet casein paint available, decided to work over a casein ground. I love the casein…but unless you let it dry for quite awhile, it remains “soft” and workable. So, this had that challenge to it.

Tomorrow’s goal: just use the inktense alone…maybe with some ink pen over drawing. And, I am going to start a larger piece with an opaque watercolor ground that I can spend some time with.

Hope you all had a really nice Thanksgiving day. Nice to have a couple of extra days off.

2 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. I like the piece, the coloration. It’s all an experimentation, right? I’ll take ALL your rejects!

    I feel your thoughts re: Thanksgiving. It’s just not the same without a gathering of more than two or three. Family gatherings can often be stressful, but also great! I look at Beamie Youngs family and the pictures of her parents, now in their 90’s, her sisters, young children all around a lovely table filled with good food and smiling faces. That IS the way it should be. I feel very detached during the major holidays, TG, and Xmas.

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