New Materials

Shell Study: Derwent Inktense

Shell Study: Derwent Inktense

Inktense are intense! Fun to try some new materials today. My first try was just the intense, the second sketch I decided to use the #inktense pencils to do the underpainting and then use prismacolor for the drawing. This seems to be a good combination. Next try will be inktense and then ink pen. I love how saturated the color is. This is similar to the water-soluble crayons…but different. Once you put the color down and it dries, it is permanent. Looking forward to exploring how to work with this medium. These two sketches were in my moleskin, paper is soft, so I am going to try a different paper next. Just in case you are interested here is the link for the Derwent Inktense.

Looking forward to drawing tomorrow!

Slipper Shell in progress

Slipper Shell in progress


4 thoughts on “New Materials

  1. That is gorgeous, love the saturation on Inktense. I have some but found they weren’t colourfast over gesso, which seemed a bit odd, but maybe they need to sink into paper?

    I also found I liked to scribble a line on a disposable paper palette and then put a wet brush into that rather than on the pencil. perhaps it gave me the illusion of control? 😉

  2. thanks! It is interesting that they aren’t colorfast over gesso, good to know. I do the same technique regarding scribbling and then using a brush with my water soluble crayons…will have to try that with the inktense as well.

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