State of Mind

micron ink pen: pelican

micron ink pen: pelican

I can’t concentrate! This is something that makes me so frustrated. My holiday family situation is a little on the tense side. I really didn’t expect that to interfere with my art vibe. I have a few things I want to do and I am finding that I just can’t concentrate on them well enough. So, I decided to just do a little ink drawing and some color grounds. My micron pen is running out of ink…time to get another one. I love pelican’s, but man, they aren’t easy to draw. The goal is to get up early tomorrow and maybe get a little bit of good drawing time in.

4 thoughts on “State of Mind

  1. Yummy, I like pelicans and herons–similar necks. I must attempt to draw directly with a Micron at some time this year. I get quite hung up on making sketches perfect, but they are sketches, right?

    • Exactly! They are just sketches, but they are often my favorite thing to do, and somehow even though there is some fear involved in the direct pen to paper approach, it works out. The lines feel good. I keep thinking that as I get better, I will be able to do a pencil rough and then do the ink pen over top and still feel the spontaneity. I am working on it!

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